Examples of songs I have both produced and engineered.

Chant - Come An Inch Closer. From A Place Where People Go to Dream. Features an ebow on the guitar.

One of seven songs done with Gary Arnold. This is available on the Best of Cape Cod Underground Experience album.

Don't Slip Now from Alex Wise's album Blurred. I also wrote string parts for three songs on the album.

Chant - You Can Fly. Also off the A Place Where People Go to Dream album. A bit more live and less psychedelic than the original recording - done before I met them - which I like just as much.

Alex Wise's Wash It Down. One of the more eclectic songs from Front Porch.

Chant's Sacred Cow. Solemn haunting song with acoustic guitar, creative accompaniment and zen lyrics. From the Floating Pebbles album.

Otis Creep - Something to Say. A tribute to Led Zeppelin. This was a home recording on an 8-track 1/2-inch reel. Part of a six-song EP but can be found here.

Tres Pistolas - Oxygen. Liked the recordings I did with this band a lot though they have moved on to other groups.

Chant - Castaway Pilgrim. Not much fuss on this one. Pretty much as they were. From the New Evolution album.