With less work these days for a music producer of rock bands, I have been getting back into my own guitar playing and in the process of working on an album. I will be posting excerpts and ideas as they come up as well as some covers to get my playing exhibited. All parts played or programmed by me unless noted.

A cool lead I came up with to be worked into a larger piece soon. Also sketched out an electric piano part.

This is an example of a lot of things I do. Suspended type chords with melodies over them.

Instrumental cover of Kings and Queens, my favorite Aerosmith song. Doing it as an instrumental allowed me to more initmately appreciate Steven Tyler's blues chops. I went psychedelic rather than try to match. I got stuck for a bit on the guitar solo which frankly I think Joe Perry just pulls out of his behind. Kudos to him cause that's rock and roll. But there wasn't much that I was going to incorporate later into my own playing. In the end, I added my own improvised solo on rather than repeat the "vocal" line one more time. (Written by Brad E. Whitford, Jack Douglas, Steven Victor Tallarico, Tom Hamilton).

Was experimenting with different guitar sounds on this. It opens with the Strat in an reverberant space. The second sections exhibits the low end I can get out of my Gibson The Paul. The third section you can hear the tone quality from that same Gibson.

These are all about tempo, tempo, tempo...ranging up to 220 BPM. When I started getting back into the electric, I wanted to get going with something quick to learn but kick-me-in-the-butt fast to get my rock and roll chops up. I learned a handful of Girlschool songs that became part of my warmup repertoire. These feature Carmen Thomas (Exonym, formerly of 86) on vocals. (Songs written by Kim McAuliffe and Kelly Johnson with Enid Williams and Denise Dufort also credited on Emergency).

At the end of the day I was looking for something to just wail on before I left rehearsal and came across this bass-drum loop I had done some time before. I improvised this in one take. You can hear me work my way through it at times and there are some licks attempted I would like to go back and actually perfect but people seem to like it.

This one like Glimmer of Hope above but much older.

A funky hard rock thing with a long solo.

Solid song idea here with lyrics to come. Flute is played on keyboards.

Jangly pop rock. Not entirely my style but a full length song.

New agey acoustic guitar piece with lead embellishments. Written for a girl.

I filled in on bass for these Chant songs, which I produced and engineered. Songs written by Beaux Davis who plays guitar and sings. Songs can also be found here and here.